Weak Erections- Take Tadalista

Tadalista or Tadafil- Are they same?

Tadalista and tadalafil, are the same and used to teat weak erections or erectile dysfunction (impotence) and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). This medicine is also used to increase exercise power in men.Buy Online Tadalista Tablets

Information to be noted

Buy Online Tadalista Tablets reacts differently on different individuals if taken with any kind of nitrates and medicines taken for chest pain, it can suddenly decrease blood pressure if taken with nitrates, moreover, always tell your doctor of your previous medical history and the current routine of medicines, if taking, because tadalista can create some unwanted causes.
If you experience any symptoms of nausea, dizziness or pain during sex, then immediately rush or consult your doctor or if you have an erection more than 4 hours or sudden vision loss then also consult your doctor.

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Precautions Before taking Tadalista or Tadafil

Here are some precautions to keep in mind while taking this medication and never use this medicine if you have or had:

  • heart disease or heart attack
  • chest pain
  • high or low blood pressure
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • liver or kidney disease
  • sudden vision loss
  • pulmonary venous-occlusive disease
  • bleeding disorder
  • ulcers in stomach
  • anemia or leukemia
  • physical deformity of the penis
  • unsafe sexual activities

Tadafil or tadalista is not prescribed for children below 18 years of age and in some cases, there is a report of sudden hearing loss or a decrease in hearing power if this happens to you then stop taking this medicine and immediately consult your doctor.

Side effects of tadalista

Seek emergency help of your doctor if you see any kind of allergy, swelling in limbs or loss in hearing or vision and stop taking this medication if you experience life-threatening symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, and nauseatic feeling during sex.
If you have symptoms listed below, then stop using Tadalista:

  • prolonged erection
  • a feeling of light-headed
  • vision changes
  • hearing loss
  • symptoms of heart attack

There are some common side effects of this medication also which are given below:

  • stuffy or runny nose
  • headache
  • pain in muscles or limbs
  • upset stomach
  • tingly feeling

How to take Tadalista?

Always take tadalista according to the prescribed manner, never take more than one dose per day, moreover, read the instructions carefully given on the packet of the tablets. You can take tadalista with or without food but swallow this medicine as a whole do not break or split it and also never share your medicine with any other individual.

Follow your doctor’s instruction carefully and you should take this medicine before the sexual activity in case of erectile dysfunctioning, it works for a period of 36 hours but erectile will not happen only by taking this pill, some sort of sexual activity should happen for the stimulation, only taking the medicine will not work.

Dosage Instruction

Tadalista Dosage online of adalista is prescribed by the doctor, follow your doctor’s prescription for the exact dosage.

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In case of missed dose

There is no exact routine of this medication, it is taken according to the need, so there is no chance of any missed dose.

In case of overdose

Rush to the nearest hospital or consult your doctor in case of a missed dose.

Things to avoid during Tadalista consumption

Alcohol consumption can cause a sudden decrease in blood pressure which can lead to fainting.

Grapefruit and its juice can lead to sudden causes of side effects.

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