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Hair loss, or alopecia, may affect only the scalp, or it can affect other areas of the body where hair usually grows as well. However, when we talk about balding, we are generally referring to the loss of hair on the scalp.

There are several potential causes of hair loss, including hereditary factors, changes in hormones, medical conditions, and aging. Alopecia can affect people of all ages and genders; however, it is most commonly seen in males as a result of aging and hereditary factors.

Many people are happy to let their hair loss run its course, whilst others adopt new hairstyles and accessories such as hats and scarves to cover it up. Balding can cause some people a huge amount of distress and be extremely harmful to their self-confidence. In these cases, you may consider our range of hair loss medications to help prevent further loss of hair, and in some cases even help to promote regrowth of lost hair.

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