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Refund Policy

Pharma Meds Stores will always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case of receiving the damaged product or if our customer does not receive the package then we compensate the same with sending a new package with any charges and even we can refund your amount if you decide to do it that way.

refund policy

There is a time frame of 30 days in case of not receiving the order. If in 30 days, the packet is still not received then the customer needs to send us a support ticket located in the refund section and we will take care of the issue as soon as possible.


Our customers can reach us anytime by phone call or email. We would love to assist you.

Refund Policy

If your payment was with a credit card, then we will initiate the refund back on your credit card only. If your payment was a check or money order, our company will send you a money order or check back if it hasn’t yet been deposited. A check or money order can only be sent to the customer’s billing address.

The procedure for refunds is initiated within 10 business days. If you have made the payment through a cheque or money order, then it will take some more time. please allow more time.


We are not liable for any delays with the credit cards companies or your issuing bank. For any further questions or concerns, please email or call us.

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