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Bayer India

Bayer India
Our Pharmaceuticals division is committed to providing specialty-focused innovative medicines that ensure significant clinical benefit and value, primarily within the therapeutic areas of cardiology, gynecology, diabetes, oncology, and ophthalmology.

In this way, we are addressing the growing requirements of patients, healthcare provides, and regulatory agencies. In India, we've helped address the unmet healthcare needs of patients through the launch of Bayer’s researched and highly innovative products like Xarelto®, Eylea, and Visanne.
Drugs sold by Bayer India

Aspirin/Aleve/FlanaxPain relievers
ClaritinAntihistamine (allergy medicine)
Yaz/Yasmin-Birth control pills
Mirena/Kyleena-Uterine contraceptive devices (IUD)
EssureFemale sterilization device (permanent birth control)
Xarelto Anticoagulant (blood thinner)
Avelox/Cipro Fluoroquinolone antibiotics (for bacterial infections)
Eylea Injectable eye medicine
Mira LAXP powder laxative
Coppertone Sunscreen and sun care products
Levitra Erectile dysfunction drug
Dr. Scholl’s Footcare products

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