COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)

What is COVID-19 or coronavirus?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a group of viruses that can cause disease in humans. It is a highly contagious virus and spreads human to human also it is transmitted through touching humans or any surface which is touched by the infected person. It is a newly discovered virus that tills now have no vaccination available online or offline. But according to the sources, the USA is working on the anti-dot of this deadly disease and will soon come up with the vaccination available.

covid 19

Symptoms of COVID -19 or Corona Virus

common cold
dry cough
sore throat

Preventions of COVID-19 or Coronavirus

wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
sanitize yourself and your surroundings properly
maintain social distancing
don’t go out of your home until necessary
maintain self-hygiene
don’t touch your face
maintain 1-meter distancing with the other people
avoid unnecessary travels
always cover your face with the mask or use your elbow while coughing or sneezing

Countries affected by COVID-19 or Coronavirus

Most affected countries by coronavirus are:

  1. China
    8.South Korea
    9.India and almost every country around the globe
    But China and Italy are the countries that are the most affected ones in the world with the number of cases 81,008 and 47,021 respectively. These two countries have also faced the maximum number of deaths with 3,255 and 4,032 respectively.

First, reach in India

The first case reached in India was on 30th January with a travel history of China. The man has reached India on 25th January and tested positive on 30th January in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. The man is now safe and sound and recovering from this deadly disease. This disease is not fatal for normal and healthy people. It is fatal for people with any of the medical history or elderly people. According to WHO, cats and dogs cannot catch this virus.

Points to read

Now, the cases in India are also increasing day by day. Our honorable prime minister Mr. Narender Modi has initiated a Janta Curfew on 22nd march to break the chain of this virus because as per the study this virus has a life of 8 hours on any surface. He has also asked to clap for 5 minutes on 22nd march at 5:00 pm to pay the gratitude for our doctors, nurses and all the people who are working for the mankind irrespective of their own health.


According to the latest reports, in India, COVID-19 live updates the maximum numbers of cases reported in Maharashtra with 100 cases followed by Kerala with 95 cases. Karnataka has 37 cases, Telangana 36 cases and Uttar Pradesh has 35 positive cases. Rajasthan reported 32 positive cases, Gujarat has reported 30 corona positive cases, Delhi has 29 corona patients, Haryana and Punjab 26 cases, Ladakh 13 cases, Tamil Nadu 15 cases, West Bengal 7 and Madhya Pradesh has 9 cases so far. Chandigarh has reported six cases, while Andhra Pradesh has 7 new cases. Jammu and Kashmir have 4 positive cases.
Uttarakhand has reported five positive cases and Himachal Pradesh three, while there are two cases each in Bihar and Odisha. Puducherry and Chhattisgarh have reported a case each. But according to the latest reports 36 patients are already treated and cured/discharged.

Precautionary Steps Taken By the Government

As of now, all the air and rail transport services have been banned till 31st March. No individual can travel in or outside India. Those Indians who were stuck outside India irrespective of the region, our government brought them back with some of the special flights flew to the areas where the people were stuck.
Our government of India is taking all the necessary and precautionary steps to stop the spread of this virus. All the MNCs are shut and employees are working from home. All the schools, colleges, and educational institutes are also shut to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Teachers are taking online classes of the students via video conferencing so that studies of the students should not hamper.

United we stand

Each and every individual is doing their bits to help our doctors, nurses and all those people who are working for us day and night. Not only our country but the whole world is going through a very critical crisis right now. What we can only do is to stay home as much as possible to stop the spread of this deadly virus and follow the instructions given by WHO.
This is the time we can utilize by spending time with our families, indulge yourselves in your favorite hobbies and try to cook, gardening, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, playing indoor games and spending quality time with your loved ones.

New Discoveries

As per the latest reports, US scientists are working on the discovery of the corona vaccination, but we can only pray and hope for the speedy discovery and recovery of the vaccination and the patients respectively. There is an urgent need for more and more hospital beds, doctors, nurses and all the medical equipment to be equipped as soon as possible. Patients are increasing with the increase in days and we are short of the medical facilities. This is the time that we should unite. We should really pay respect and gratitude to the doctors working for us, those who have not got back home because of security reasons, they have not met their families since the first time coronavirus entered India.

Updates On The USA

Every day a lot of new cases are coming to the USA also. The total number of cases has reached up to 53,852 which includes 728 deaths according to the latest reports further to add the most affected area in the USA is New York, Washington DC, along the Golf Coast and Pacific Northwest.
The first few cases which were reported in initial days were having some of the other travel histories and apart from the message given by the prime minister of the USA, people were not seen practicing social distancing which resulted in a drastic increase in coronavirus cases.

Deaths and cases are increasing day by day

While most of the cases and deaths are reported in the parts of Washington DC and New York, but death cases are now in the suburban areas of the USA. A week ago there was no case in Michigan and Guam which has now 15 and 5 death cases respectively.

Preventive measures are taken by the USA government

Some Coronavirus news of the preventive measures the USA government is taking, they have also banned all the international flights on their air runways, patients with the confirmed reports or suspected of having it is isolated for a minimum time of 21 days. Prime minister Mr. Donald Trump has decentralized the emergency political powers among all the state officials. He is taking all the necessary steps to eradicate this deadly virus. Scientists of the USA claim that within 15 days they will be ready with the vaccination but we can only hope for the best to happen.
Each and every individual is praying and hoping to get everything back to normal.